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Bike Fitting

Amos Wolff - Bike Fitting

The healthy, comfortable, correct and effective way to ride starts with bike fitting.

Bike Fitting - Measuring and adjusting the bike

During the hours we ride on the bike, there is a great strain on joints and muscles involved directly in pedaling. Every person is different in regards to the anatomical structure and the physical ability, no matter whether he/she is an amateur or a professional rider. For bike fitting the anatomical characteristics and the physical ability are addressed.


Correct measurement aims to prevent damage, pain and unpleasantness which may sometimes be irreversible. With professional fitting, you can avoid many injuries, which sometimes appear only after weeks of stress. Professional adjustment increases biking efficacy and performance.


For bike fitting almost any part of bicycle can be changes and adapted: the handlebar’s width and height, the seat’s width and location, the pedal arms length, and not less important - the shoes’ SPDs. With the aid of professional and accurate bicycle fitting, you can ride a bike, and deal with what really matters - efficient and painless riding.

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Process of adapting the bike

Advice and fitting when purchasing a bike – this service is divided into two sessions

First meeting - during which the rider receives dimensions and recommendations for bike purchase based on his personal characteristics.Second meeting – Adjustment of the new bike based of body characteristics, riding style, flexibility and intensity. The end results are saved in the system.


Existing bicycle matching to the rider

The rider undergoes physical screening: testing of flexibility, posture, symmetry and movement. Also, adjustment and fitting of the bike are carried out.At the end of the meeting the rider will receive a form with details and recommendations which will also be saved for future reference.


Fitting is designed for men, women and children alike. It is aimed at bicycles for road, mountain, time trial, touring and triathlon. Amos also offers bike repairs that can be provided on location as part of the service.

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