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Amos Wolff - Training Programs

Training Programs

Every amateur or professional cyclist aims to improve their physical ability in cycling. To do this, one should follow a personalized training program tailored to the goal and the personal ability of each rider.


Before building a training program, its goals have to be determined and stress tests need to be performed to define the physical condition of each rider. Training programs are uploaded and managed online allowing Amos and the trainee to plan, monitor, analyze and adjust workouts. 

Amos Wolff - Training Programs
Types of training programs

Personalized training program with limited supervision

The rider receives a daily training program tailored to him by personal goals set initially with Amos during the first meeting. Amos performs once a month a conversation with the rider to ensure that the rider is training according to the program and that he feels that the program affects him as expected. 

This program is suitable for riders seeking a routine training program for the whole year and are not training for a specific goal such as a race.


Personal training program with full supervision

This program, unlike the former on, offers an option to a more consistent and available follow-up. Amos maintains close contact with the riders, giving them feed-back in regards to the compliance with the workout  , and enhances the rider performance.

Other services

One of the most important tools for correct bike training is the power meter.


Power meters are fairly expensive. Therefore, to allow avid riders experience the effect of riding with a power meter, Amos offers power meters for rent on a monthly basis.

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